E2Terra is committed to providing an economical, innovative and environmentally friendly method for solidification of waste. We have found that the processing, transportation and disposal of oilfield and other industrial wastes in an eco-friendly manner is a challenge faced by many industries. By making use of a natural by-product of agricultural processing, E2Terra has been proven to pose no long-range effects to the environment while also providing the most cost effective product on the market today.


E2Terra is the most economic product in the industry that doesn’t pose long-range effects to the environment.  

Relying on over 28 years of mineralogy and soil mechanics experience, we’ve developed the next generation of solid waste control for the Oil and Gas Industry. E2Terra represents the most environmentally sound solution to solids-control waste management in 50 years. It replaces traditional products such as fly ash, kiln dust, and cement, and has been field tested with over five years of use in the Williston, Niobrara, and Haynesville Basins.