Got questions about E2Terra? We’ve got you covered.

What is E2Terra? 

E2Terra’s patented E-Series of products are a green alternative to waste solidifiers such as fly ash, kiln dust, and cement. The entire E-Series line of products are organically based Geo-Synthetic blends that are 100% environmentally friendly.

Is it truly more cost-effective? 

Yes. Actual field results have shown that E2Terra is an economical alternative to fly ash on well sites and in landfills, partly due to coverage increases of up to 21% per/ton. Trucking costs are also lowered due to the reduction in the total waste produced.

Why is it better? 

E2Terra has the ability to solidify various types of waste more effectively and efficiently in less time than conventional methods. This efficiency can also directly reduce trucking costs due to the reduction in total waste transported off location. The E-Series of products can effectively treat up to 23% more area per ton, regardless of moisture level and Ph imbalances. These products can also aid in limiting ground water contamination, wildlife exposure, and unwanted run-off that can pose environmental concerns.

What is it made of? 

The core-based ingredient is precipitated calcium carbonate, a by-product of the sugar beet refining process.

What is the sample size sent to customers? 

Approximately 5 Gallons

Can E2Terra produce enough material for large scale needs? 

Yes. Whether it is 1 ton or 1000’s of tons, E2Terra’s state of the art manufacturing plant can address the needs of a wide variety of customers, simultaneously.

Does it work the same as Fly Ash? 

In only one respect, E-Series and fly ash are both solidifiers. This is where the similarities end.

Fly Ash will promote a hardening effect to a semi-solid, but what is not commonly stated is the fact that fly ash is a direct by-product of coal fired kilns and is heavily laced with metals, including mercury. E2Terra products, enjoy the benefit of being green solidifiers with no unintended heavy metals.

Do I need to use the same volume as Fly Ash based products? 

E2Terra, L.L.C. commissioned an independent case study that definitively indicated an average of 19-20% less E-Series product was required versus fly ash. This case study is available upon request.

Can it be used for cuttings? 

Solidification of drill cuttings currently makes up the majority of the E-Series usage. That being said, E2Terra products can be used for wide variety of solidification applications.

Can it be used for flow back? 

Yes. Many operators have also discovered the E-Series will effectively dry out settling and mixing tanks, including the ability to neutralize a variety of liquids from varied PPM muds, to water and acidic materials.

Is it green? 

Yes, based upon the core make up of precipitated calcium carbonate as a result of the sugar beet manufacturing process. The E-Series is a natural soil conditioner, similar to Gypsum and has been used on golf courses.

Is it safe? 

When used as prescribed, the patented E-Series of products are inherently safe and environmentally friendly.  The products are viewed by the Environmental Protection Agency as a natural soil amendment (EPA 542R07013). No other molecule within its matrix has shown to be combustive, flammable, corrosive, or a health risk, or pose a danger to the environment.

Where do you make it? 

The E-series line is manufactured and shipped from its core facility is Williston, North Dakota.

Is there an adequate supply? 

It is estimated that the PCC source has at least 140 years of reserves. Current sugar beet production only adds to those reserves.

Can it be used for solidification other than oil field use? 

Absolutely; Landfills, spills, unrestrained slopes by highways that have broken down due to flooding can be re-solidified, waste can also be solidified cleanly and safely. With the environment in mind, E2Terra’s green products can safely and effectively solidify multiple needs.